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EMR Products for Physicians

The Physician's Paperless Office® is an advanced electronic medical records and office flow management system for medical offices and facilities.

It is designed to attack all of the areas in a medical office that consume and waste both staff and professional time.

The features that are unique to The Physician's Paperless Office® are:

  • Prescription (MED) Tracking system which allows you to generate and log in charts while faxing the order to the patient's pharmacy at the same time.
  • Test Tracking system allows you to generate and track tests results in one simple step as well.

CSC's EMR system will improve the productivity of your office by:

  • Reducing the cost of filing by 90%
  • Improving quality and accessibility of patient information
  • Allowing you to record clinical encounters faster and with less effort
  • Allowing you to generate patient notes with the internal template system
  • Reducing the cost of internal communication
  • Allowing you to access patient information from office, home or portable laptop - any time
  • Allowing you to complete documentation as the patient leaves

Are you tired of pulling charts?

Learn how The Physician's Paperless
can help you work more efficiently:


To request more information on The Physician's Paperless Office® - click here.

"I see at least one to two additional patients per day
as a result of implementing the Paperless Office system."

- Dr. Jeffery Deluca, Orthopedic Surgeon

The Physician's Paperless Office® Manages

  • Clinical History
  • Documents
  • Graphics
  • Management Reports
  • Billing
  • Patient Information
  • Letters
  • Office Notes
  • Lab Reports
  • X-ray Orders

"The prescription system is so easy to use and
pharmacies appreciate the clarity of the script."

- Dr. Doherty, Neurological Surgeon

Is This the Right EMR System for My Practice?

There is only one way to find out.

Get a FREE 30-day Trial of The Physician's Paperless Office® today and see it for yourself!


Not a Physician?

We have The Paperless Office® customized for you:

In addition to Chiropractic and PT, our products also support OB/GYN, Orthopedic Surgery, Neurology, Rheumatology, General Surgery, Cardiology, Podiatry, Family Practice, Pediatrics and many more.

Don't know which one is right for you? Compare features of all products here or contact us now.

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